The Textbook Managing Cultural Heritage in Tourism is the written form of the video course (O2) and the additional material related to the project. 

It is the working book of the master module and will have additional elements and content completing the other products of the project. 

It has a mix of classical Cultural Heritage and Tourism elements and entrepreneurial approaches related to Cultural Heritage and how to implement them in working situations, i.e. for creating case studies and valorizing a given cultural heritage product or area.

It has a part as textbook and a part as workbook, with practical examples, practical exercises, working groups. 

It is completed by other components and materials uploaded on the online collaborative platform the partnership installed. 

The expected impact is that the user of the textbook, students or other figures are able to understand the possibilities linked to Cultural Heritage and Tourism and will be autonomously able to set out a series of actions for the production of case studies with entrepreneurial approach. For example, for the re-valorisation of an area of particular interest for Cultural Heritage. Ultimately, the textbook will contribute to a better employability and to the development of skills of the person using it.

The textbook is made of 6 sections with 3 to 5 chapters in each section. 

The sections are: Introducing cultural heritage in tourism, cultural heritage in tourism: an EU-perspective, Planning for cultural heritage in tourism, Managing the cultural experience: a supply-side perspective, managing the cultural heritage experience- through visitor involvement, Food tourism as a mediator of cultural heritage.

Download the textbook: