It is the working book of the master module and has additional elements and content completing the other products of the project.

The textbook will be made of 6 main parts with sine under chapters: the 6 main parts are the following:

  • Introducing cultural heritage in tourism
  • Cultural Heritage in Tourism an EU-perspective
  • Planning for cultural heritage in tourism
  • Managing the cultural heritage experience – a supply-side perspective
  • Managing the cultural heritage experience- through visitor involvement
  • Food tourism as a mediator of cultural heritage


It will have a mix of classical Cultural Heritage and Tourism elements and entrepreneurial approaches related to Cultural Heritage and how to implement them in working situations, i.e. for creating case studies and valorizing a cultural heritage products or areas.

It will have several literature references in the field and will be directed not only to higher education students, but also to other educational sector (vocational for example) due to it entrepreneurial approach.

It will have a part as textbook and a part as work book, with practical examples, practical exercises, working groups.