EUFRAK-EuroConsults Berlin GmbH (EUFRAK) is one of the leading consulting and training companies in the field of national and European funding and Project Management in Germany. EUFRAK puts great emphasis on new learning and teaching methods which are implemented in the courses it offers. The methods for the courses are face to face trainings, e-learning training and a combination of both (blended learning).


EUFRAK brings expertise on European funding themes and European features as well as working in the field of adult education and e-learning. Since its creation, EUFRAK has been advocating for European goals and values. The company provides several different training courses related to European funding and Project Management, varying from one day seminars and in house courses on specifics themes till the extensive 19 weeks main course “Advanced Professional Training in EU-Fundraising – Project Management”, where participant learn every aspect related to European funding and projects.  A particularity of EUFRAK courses, most of them have an extensive e-learning aspect implemented through an innovative E-Plattform (E-Front).