Blended Mobility Stralsund

Blended Mobility Stralsund:


Blended mobility in Stralsund consisted on preparatory work from the students on the “Learn Platform” where the master module and the teaching material (IO1 and IO2 for students) is available and on 5-day excursions (5 ECTS) visiting Stralsund University and its region.


Aim of the excursion is a transfer of know-how between students and lecturers, knowing each other and creating networks between students, stakeholders and professional of the sectors. Important sites for cultural heritage of the visited region will also be visited. That will support interculturality and exchanges between students.

Students had to enrol in the module of the master and log in in the Learn Platform installed where the produced materials where available: IO1, IO2 for students and IO3 for lecturers. They had to go through the online course made of the textbook and video course with additional quiz and questionnaires to be answered. This was the blended approach of the mobility followed by the physical mobility.

Students have created specific groups with online tools and prepared presentations they had to work on the mobility.


For any inquiry, a tutor from the universities and EUFRAK was available. EUFRAK and Dalarna provided knowledge in the field of distance tutoring being experts in it.

The students of the hosting institution Stralsund prepared a portfolio about the activities and visits planned during the blended mobility. The incoming students had also to do additional researches about the location they will be visiting.

The work was tailored to the specificities of the place visited.