Bergamo University

The University of Bergamo is located in Lombardia, a region in Northern Italy with more than 10 millions inhabitants. It is one of the newest universities in Italy, officially founded in 1968. Its strengths are the wide range of courses offered, the numerous laboratories available to students and its research centres. UNIBG is a State University with about 16,000 students (undergraduates and graduates), and more than 300 PhD students. The number of students is increasing each year, with a 7% growth rate per year between 2001 and 2011. A staff of 656 members (331 professors & researchers, 95 assisting academic staff, 230 administrative and technical staff) provides a dynamic scientific and teaching environment open to innovations. The 7 Departments and the Research centres of the University of Bergamo are strictly intertwined in the town life. UNIBG is strongly committed to enhance the quality of life not only of its students but also of the entire citizenship of the Bergamo area, being aware of its key role in sustainable education and in promoting innovative solutions.