Dalarna Intensive Study Program

ISP Dalarna has its focus on the potentials of the destination development of Falun, residential town in the province of Dalarna, Sweden. This destination has being chosen as a subject for detailed investigation by the Master students in tourism studies connected to Ecultours due to its rich industrial heritage confined within the World Heritage site of Great Copper Mountain. The World Heritage nomination of Falun copper mine in 2001 has changed the preconditions for the tourism development of the city of Falun and the province of Dalarna. The overarching idea of the student work for the ISP Dalarna was to analyse different aspects of the internationalization process of tourism development – marketing, walking tours (connecting city and the mining site) and alternative guided tours and the mine. The student group was divided into three groups (see the details of the tasks below). The ISP Dalarna was conducted on a base of the close collaboration with several stakeholders – Foundation Stora Copparberg, Falun Municipality, Destination Management Organisation Visit Dalarna AB, Dalarnas Museum and Dalarna University. Student group was invited to participate in the guided tour to the underground part of the Falun Mine, mining museum, walking tour around historical part of Falun.

Group work assignments:

  • Group 1: Analysis of marketing material and visitor profiling (Comparing before and after experiences, how accessible is the area to the international tourists? Lessons for the Municipality, DMO – Visit Dalarna, Foundation Great Copper Mountain)
  • Group 2: Walking tours – creating a prototype of an alternative walking tour (Strengthening the connection between the World Heritage at Falun Mine and the City of Falun)
  • Group 3: Re-interpreting cultural heritage by co-creating an alternative guided tour/event concept Falun Mine


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