Aveiro Intensive Study Program

In the ISP Aveiro the students had the close opportunity to be a part of the reality and study a particular heritage site that exists in Ílhavo Municipality- its Maritime museum with a focus on the complex and interesting system of the “Aveiro Ria lagoon” and on the community’s traditional codfish fishing.

Upon arrival of the students they had the chance to explore Aveiro and the Ria lagoon context, participate in seminars about the Ria context (in terms of human geography and ecological value), the Ílhavo tourism context (municipality) and the Maritime Museum, including the view of a specialist guide of a German cultural tourism operator, who is also a travel writer. Apart from a guided tour to the Museum and its museum ship in the harbor, students had the opportunity to visit the municipality’s lighthouse and famous beaches with particular architecture. But they mostly addressed the museum case and discussed it, collecting additional data in both the museum and the Municipality, with interviews with the stakeholders from Ílhavo Maritime Museum and the representative of Tourism Sector of The City Hall of Ílhavo.


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