The 5th transnational meeting in Berlin, Germany

The 5th transnational meeting was held in Berlin, 4th and 5th of March 2019 and it was organized by leading organization EUFRAK-EUROCONSULTS BERLIN GMBH. The meeting gathered all the partners of the project: Bergamo University (Italy), Fachhoschule Stralsund (Germany), Dalarna University (Sweden), Aveiro University (Portugal), European Projects Association asbl (Belgium) and EUFRAK-EuroConsults Berlin GmbH (Germany). E-CUL-TOURS works on improving the employment possibilities of students with the development of new skills. The easiest way to learn from an expert from another country is to develop the innovative Module on Managing Cultural Heritage in Tourism that will have no face to face learning, as it will include e-learning courses, interactive seminars (webinars), creation of cases studies presented in real working contexts and blended mobilities to get a more detailed understanding of the heterogeneity of heritage tourism sites. In that scope, in two days of 5th transnational meeting in Berlin We discussed:
  • The project results and detailing the pending activities and possible issues;
  • Evaluation forms for O3 i.e. Didactic tutorial and O4 i.e. Technical Tutorial;
  • Review of the structure aims and formal requirements of ISP and blended mobility;
  • Preparation of the 2 field study trips (agenda, goals, visits, networking events, stakeholders and experts involvement, real case studies, additional practice experience, evaluation criteria, dissemination, follow-up activities);
  • Review of activities in relation to the online-course, discussion.
The meeting was fruitful both for the project E-CUL-TOURS and for the partners. With the joint forces, we manage to finalize and establish the structure and implementation schedule of the online course.

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