Third Multiplier Event: Scattered Heritage across Digital Humanities

The third Multiplier Event “Scattered Heritage across Digital Humanities” was organised by Bergamo University in the Museo delle storie di Bergamo on Thursday 25 October.

Many stakeholders attended the event such as professors, students and all the partners :

EUFRAK-EuroConsults Berlin GmbH (Germany), Fachhoschule Stralsund (Germany), Dalarna University (Sweden), Aveiro University (Portugal), European Projects Association asbl (Belgium) and, obviously, Bergamo University (Italy).

First of all Luca Driussi, coordinator of our project presented our project to the participants. Then, there was an interactive workshop between the different stakeholders, whose thematic was “ #DigitalizingHeritage – from local to global”.

Then, we went into the topic in depth through the analysis of three  Italian case studies:

  1. Archivio fotografico Sestini: a heritage of images. A digitization project to preserve and share.

Presented by Roberta Frigeni, director of Museo delle storie di Bergamo, and by Sergio Bellini – Mida Informatica/ZeroUNO.

  1. Networking house-museums throughout Italy.

Presented by Roberta Garibaldi and Elena Viani, both from the Bergamo University.

  1. New technologies for food and wine heritage.

Presented by Roberto Peretta, from Bergamo University.

Finally, the Multiplier Event ended with a “#OpenFieldLab. The objectives were to engage the participants to discover heritage in the Upper Town of Bergamo with their senses ( taste, sight, hearing, smell and touch) and the presentation of the results of this last. 




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