Third Transnational Meeting in Italy

On Thursday 25th October and Friday 26th October 2018, We organised our third project meeting hosted by our partner University of Bergamo.

All the partners attended to the event: EUFRAK-EuroConsults Berlin GmbH (Germany), the Fachhoschule Stralsund (Germany), Dalarna University (Sweden), Aveiro University (Portugal) and the European Projects Association (Belgium).

The Project Meeting was divided in two days.

In the first one , there was a brief presentation of the Multiplier Event organised in Bergamo to the project partners, then, the analysis of the pending tasks.

In particular, our colleague Werner Gronau presented the Handbook that We will provide to the students

Then, there was the preparation of the Multiplier Event, scheduled in the afternoon.


The following day, the partners were working on analysing:

  1. The best strategies for project management
  2. The best way to achieve the mid-term targets.
  3. The final considerations about the Handbook ( Output 1 ), the online courses review ( Output 2 ) and finally the didactic tutorial.


Moreover, a part of the Meeting was dedicated to the ISP’s and Blended Mobilities approach.

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