The second Multiplier event of the project was held on Wednesday 06th June 2018 at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.

Among the consortium of partners around 50 participating stakeholders were carefully selected in order to have people engaged who could provide a substantial contribution to the conference/debate.

During the introductory part of that event, MEP Ivan Jakovčiċ and Frédéric Fabre, Secretary General at European Projects Association Asbl were presenting conference’s aims, especially, regional issues in Istria (Croatia) and relevance of an integrated approach to cultural heritage at European level.

Then Luca Driussi, project manager at EUFRAK, presented our project “E-CUL-TOURS to the stakeholders.

After an initial introduction of the project, 7 European stakeholders, were participating in our panel discussion called  “Integrated approach to Cultural heritage as a tool of territorial attractiveness and development in Europe”. Each speaker had 10 minutes’ slot for presenting initiatives and projects to promote cultural heritage as a key driver of local and regional strategies.

The next part was devoted to debate on the concerns that emerged in the event. Prof. Werner Granau moderated the discussion, and partners and stakeholders could discuss the best strategies such as best practices in order to improve the governance.

Many interesting ideas came out of each roundtable that we will share in the following weeks on the website.

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