E-Cul-Tours multiplier event in Falun, Sweden

The multiplier event of the Project “E-CUL-TOURS: Managing Cultural Heritage in Tourism” is a Strategic Partnership in Higher Education which was held on Thursday 26 of April 2018 at the Dalarna University in Falun, Sweden.

Among the consortium of partners around 10 participating stakeholders were carefully selected in order to have people engaged who could provide a substantial contribution to the project.

The first part of the event was a presentation of the project to the stakeholders and 40 visiting students. After an initial introduction of the project, each partner presented the initiatives that some of associated partner of the project, like the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo and Strada del Vino Longobardo, are implementing in their countries.

The second part was a workshop with the stakeholders.
3 roundtables were made, and partners and stakeholder could discuss the best strategy for the development of destination based on cultural heritage.

Many interesting ideas came out of each roundtable, and each group did a small presentation on how cultural institutions, municipalities, universities, official authorities together with visitors and local inhabitants can work together to increase the number of visits and public involvement.

Genuine interest of the stakeholders was visible during their active participation in the event and was very satisfying for the partners.

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